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Vintage and offbeat guitars and amps are plentiful at Secret Guitars. Our inventory is always changing as we find unique guitars from all around the world. We can also buy your old guitar, which will help you purchase a new one for less money out of pocket.

Repairs, Restorations, and Modifications- We Do It All

Our services include:

Buy & Sell Guitars
Buy & Sell Amps
Guitar Restoration & Repair

Our Products:

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We pride ourselves on offering quality instruments at reasonable prices to music lovers in the Toms River, NJ, area. At Secret Guitars, you'll find a guitar lounge that truly rocks. Come visit today! 732-244-1111
Make your old or new guitar play bad ass! We can make your guitar do whatever you want. Restore a guitar with us! Learn hands on and hang out while learning the secrets and tricks we use to make mods.